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The People and Culture Behind the First Mobile RDC App to Third Parties

Our goal is to create a meaningful impact on our industry by continuing to provide forward thinking solutions for our customers.

Customer Experience – Create Evangelists for ZOCCAM

Spend time doing what you love! This is what we strive to provide to our customers and users by freeing them up from unnecessary costs and traffic ridden commutes. Why would you drive around town, order couriers or stress about fraudulent wiring instructions if you didn’t have to? Our seamless and easy remote mobile check deposit capture makes the phrase “working smarter not harder” a reality.

Culture of Innovation

Anyone in the tech industry will tell you that things change every day and adaptability is crucial. That is why ZOCCAM remains innovative with its capabilities and features. We keep the user in mind as we set our goals and future implementations for our app.

Be Value Added to Our Customers & Partners

Our commitment is to help our realtor and title partners succeed by providing a dependable tool allowing every user to work more efficiently. The testimonials we have received about the cost and time savings to our Real Estate Agents & Title Company Partners is what motivates us to provide a better way to work!

Company Improving the Norm with Technology

Change is a good thing! Especially when it adds to your quality of work and life. Leveraging technology that is intended to assist you will only provide rewarding results. ZOCCAM takes the standardized norm and improves it with its cutting edge capabilities to transfer money via mobile remote check deposit capture.

Freedom From Driving Checks

With ZOCCAM, Manual Delivery is a Thing of the Past. Reduce Transaction Time and Risk While Increasing Security.

We believe ZOCCAM can have a profound effect on your field operations as digital deposits bring cost savings to the bottom line across the enterprise. We created ZOCCAM to be an integral part of your service offering, to provide increased convenience to your customers as well as quicker availability of funds for an overall improved customer experience.


Our Team

Ashley Cook
Ashley Cook
CEO & Founder

Ashley Cook is founder of ZOCCAM and a licensed attorney in the state of Texas. She received both her BA and Juris Doctorate from Southern Methodist University. Ashley’s experience in the real estate industry gave her the vision to identify the need for technology that connects the Realtors and buyers with the title company.

In 2014, Cook founded ZOCCAM, a platform that utilizes a mobile app to securely send documents and deposits to the Escrow Agent in order to affect the deposit and open the order. Ashley’s passion for the industry drives her initiative to create innovative solutions that streamline transactions by decreasing manual efforts and connecting the parties through technology to decrease liability and increase transparency.

Ashley and her husband, JR reside in Dallas, Texas with their two children. For more information, connect with her on linkedin or send her a message.

Denis Alexander
Denis Alexander
Information Technology Manager

Denis Alexander has over 25 years of experience in the IT Industry. He has had a long tenure with Citigroup and many of its predecessors in the financial services industry.  In 2010, Denis became the Head of Global Windows Platform Services where his team managed nearly 30,000 servers, supporting 350,000+ employees, and other support responsibilities including Infrastructure Application and Compliance/Control Process Management.  He holds several technology industry certifications, has previous experience in Mortgage banking as a loan officer for multiple regional banks, and holds a Series 7 certification.

Denis has undergraduate degrees in Economics and Computer Science along with a Master of Science degree in Information Systems from Stevens Institute of Technology, with a specialization in Information Management.

R. Wayne Norton
R. Wayne Norton

R. Wayne Norton’s career has spanned over 30 years with a primary focus in the financial services field covering local, regional, and national operations. He has held leadership positions in title, mortgage, and property/casualty insurance industries where he had success expanding operations regional footprints into national organizations.

In his present role as Chief Operation Officer of ZOCCAM Technologies, Norton focuses on strategically expanding business channels and branch operations, by leveraging his national experience and business relationships. With the ever-changing real estate marketplace, his national and statewide experience enables Allegiance Title to further position itself to take advantage of market opportunities as they come available.

He is an active member of the Texas Land Title Association where he assists in the advancement of the title industry. He and his wife volunteer their time fundraising for many charitable organizations; Wheel Chair Foundation, Children’s Medical, and Hope’s Door. They are blessed with 5 children and 5 beautiful grandchildren.

Debbie Spearman
Debbie Spearman
Director of Administration

Debbie Spearman joined ZOCCAM Technologies as Director of Administration in March 2017. Debbie leads the administrative team, overseeing the company’s personnel and facilities operations while providing clients and internal staff with superior leadership during critical transition phases, including hiring professional and technical staff, implementing cost saving reductions, writing business plans, and installing effective information technology systems.

With a strong knowledge of all aspects of financial forecasting, resource allocation, fund management, accounting, human resources, employee benefits, payroll, and compliance procedures and processes, Debbie has lead several companies through start-up, survival, turnaround and growth modes, while improving overall staff morale and client confidence.

Debbie holds a Bachelor of Business Administration.


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