Guarantee Title Expands Smooth Closing Offerings with ZOCCAM

Guarantee Title launches ZOCCAM to offer licensed real estate agents and buyers the ability to deliver earnest money and the contract via ZOCCAM’s mobile application. Guarantee Title has served the Texas market for over 100 years in the Wichita, Archer, Clay, and Wilbarger counties.

“ZOCCAM provides us with a tremendous advantage, as the transaction is handled securely and swiftly allowing for a safer and better experience for the real estate agents and the consumer,”said Kolter Lukert, Owner, President and CEO of Guarantee Title.

From a user perspective, the technology is as easy as taking a picture of the earnest money check and functions similarly to banking apps for deposits, however, ZOCCAM® connects directly to Guarantee Title’s financial institution for a smoother closing.

“Realtors and the consumer are the most critical parties to the transaction and they must be connected to the settlement service provider, said Ashley Cook, ZOCCAM CEO and Founder.  “By utilizing ZOCCAM, Guarantee Title, realtors, and consumers can be assured of a more efficient and secure transfer allowing gained time to focus on the relational aspects of their work.”

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