ZOCCAM’s Mobile Platform Augments Artesian Title’s Concierge Close with a Secure Touch of Class & Convenience

ZOCCAM announced today that it has expanded into the Orlando and Miami market with its partnership with Artesian Title. ZOCCAM allows title companies to receive earnest money with the contract directly through ZOCCAM’s secure platform which utilizes a mobile app.

“Artesian Title was built on the concept of providing Title Services with a Concierge Touch. Our partnership with ZOCCAM embodies the spirit of this concept and we look forward to providing our clients with more time to do with as they please as we continue to set tomorrows standards today,” said Rick Nayer, CEO of Artesian Title.

“Realtors and the consumer are the most critical parties to the transaction and they must be connected to the settlement service provider to prevent wire fraud and provide more transparency.  Rather than focusing on the back and forth of older delivery methods, Artesian Title and its customers can be assured of a simple and secure delivery of the contract and the earnest money deposit,” said CEO and Founder Ashley Cook.

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