Fast, Easy & Secure Delivery Of Earnest Escrow Transactions From A Smartphone

The closing of real estate property is a love/hate relationship for a Realtor. As much as a Realtor is happy to close on a property, the realization of the amount of paperwork, delivery of the contract and earnest money into escrow becomes daunting. Let’s not even mention the time spent in a vehicle driving back and forth in heavy traffic. All of this has been taken into consideration by ZOCCAM, which prompted their development of a secure mobile platform which Realtors can use to deliver a contract and earnest money into escrow. More importantly, Realtors can now do all of this from their own smartphone or mobile device.

The more successful you are as a real estate agent the more paperwork and responsibilities you have. At times this almost feels like punishment for being successful on closing multiple listings in a short period of time. We are happy to announce that the frustration and lost time spent dealing with escrow funds can now be completely eliminated with an excellent new mobile app from ZOCCAM.
ZOCCAM now offers a mobile app that allows a Realtor the ability to send a property’s contract and earnest money in the most secure platform possible via mobile capture, so that Realtors can get back to do what they do best, dealing with their relationships and closing more deals on properties without having to worry about driving contracts and checks to the title companies.

With all the technology that Realtors already use on a daily basis another mobile app could be a little scary to have to take on. However, don’t fret because the ZOCCAM app is a very, very easy to use mobile platform. There’s no need to get nervous about adding new technology to your job. Imagine opening up a mobile app on your smartphone and having a list of escrow agents available to you within 50 miles or simply begin typing the escrow agent that you normally use and start to send the earnest money in a secure mobile platform that you can trust and rely on. ZOCCAM even lets you know when a check has been delivered and how much time you have saved by simply using ZOCCAM.

Realtors And Clients Can Now Connect To A Title Company Safely Using ZOCCAM.
Once the app is downloaded, the registration to ZOCCAM is an easy process. Realtors simply need to select the state in which they are licensed, have their Realtor license number on hand, and of course enter their name, email, and phone number. ZOCCAM will send the user a 4-digit confirmation code to their phone through SMS messages which will then have to be entered on the ZOCCAM app for confirmation. Once the registration process is done and the user is logged in to the ZOCCAM app they are then ready to send earnest money by simply launching the mobile app from their smartphones – very easy and very fast.

Consumers and Realtors can now jointly connect to the title company with each transaction on ZOCCAM. To bring all parties of an earnest money transaction together, a Realtor can simply launch the mobile ZOCCAM app and begin entering the viral contract information; such as the property address, buyer and buyer agent name and email, seller and listing agent name and email. If the seller is a FSBO then you would simply enter the seller email since there’s no listing agent. If you have already sent the contract to the title company you would simply click on “already sent” and if not then you would click on “attach now”, and continue to attach the PDF as if you would be attaching it on an email.

Sending the check to an escrow agent is just as easy as taking a photo with a smartphone. Realtors will just capture the front and back image of the check using the camera from their smartphone directly from the ZOCCAM mobile app. We found that it does help tremendously if the check is laid out on a dark surface, and then the user will just simply need to follow the on-screen instructions to capture both sides of the check. The user will then move to the confirmation screen after both images are captured where they are asked to confirm the escrow agent contract information and check amount before the transaction is processed. Lastly, the transaction process will end on the delivery map that will notify the user when the check is delivered and how much time was saved by sending the check through the ZOCCAM mobile app.

Realtors will have a history list of transactions on the mobile app which they have previously sent right at their fingertips. Each transaction is shown with a summary of the information sent, and further details can be obtained by selecting the transaction if needed, and you can even resend email receipts at any time after the transaction is processed. Having this information on hand anytime and anywhere is incredibly invaluable to busy Realtors across the country, so that they can stay focused on their client relationships and closing further real estate deals which is sure to boost productively and revenue.

ZOCCAM Changes Long-Standing Practice, Saves Time While Increasing Security
If you are a Realtor you know that you have two very important commodities; relationships and timing.

How many times have you been juggling multiple opportunities, walking each one of your clients along what can be a very stressful process for them in buying or selling a property? The next thing you know, one of the opportunities closes and this is where timing takes over and as the Realtor you need to make sure you deliver the contract information and check to the title company as soon as possible; all while not disrupting your other opportunities.

Just as this flurry of activity happens and things are looking good, you get yet another deal on the table to close, and wouldn’t you know it a third client wants to also make an offer and now you need to get that done as well! All of these issues are great problems to have, but the very last place you want to be at this moment is in your car stuck in traffic delivering the contract and check 40 or 50 miles away to put in escrow, because it could cost you your other two opportunities.

Not too worry, with the ZOCCAM mobile app, Realtors can help close and deliver all the transaction information to three different title companies in just minutes. It does all of this while removing the liability associated with the title company personnel affecting deposits at the branch level.
But don’t take our word for it, Fidelity National Title Group just announced ZOCCAM as a preferred vendor on December 15th, 2016.

To quote Fidelity, “Our partnership and selection of ZOCCAM as a preferred vendor is demonstration of innovation in our industry, with the shared goal to do more for the consumer, their Realtors and Title Agents, by providing efficiencies with a tool they can trust, and is easy to use. ZOCCAM protects against risk, and Fidelity will continue to do everything possible to bring efficiencies to the process and make sure that we protect ourselves and protect our clients from a Data Security standpoint,” said Rick Diamond, Vice President and Agency I.T. Director.

The year 2017 is developing itself to be very exciting for ZOCCAM by their continuing to build awareness on their secure mobile platform for both Realtors and title companies across the United States. ZOCCAM is sure to make the very important process of delivering earnest money to an escrow agent as easy as sending an email and changing the long-standing process with the utmost trust and security, all while saving the Realtor time to continue to build on relationships to further productivity and increase revenue which will result in more earnest money transactions.

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