DALLAS, Sept. 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — ZOCCAM is taking the real estate community by storm. ZOCCAM’s app allows Realtors and now their buyer’s to send the contract and earnest money without the risk associated with traditional delivery methods. ZOCCAM is a game changer for the industry and is becoming the preferred method for earnest money delivery by brokers.

“One of the best things ZOCCAM does is take the security risks out of the transaction eliminating potential fraud for the buyer, agent and broker,” said Russell Berry, Director of Operations for Nathan Grace Real Estate and President of Metrotex Association of Realtors.

The Buyer Capture feature allows the Realtor to attach the contract and send a request to the buyer to utilize ZOCCAM to capture the check using ZOCCAM’s mobile app. When the request is initiated by the Realtor, ZOCCAM sends the buyer a Z-Code that it tied to that specific transaction, ensuring secure delivery of the earnest money.

“It’s a great addition to ZOCCAM, especially during a time where corporations are moving to Texas. Those buyers in Californiawon’t have to wire funds or mail a check. They can simply ZOCCAM the earnest money to the title company,” said Ashley Cook, ZOCCAM Founder.

ZOCCAM services multiple title companies, allowing the Realtors and their buyer a one-stop shop.

“Our Realtors aren’t in control of where they are closing or when the contract is executed. ZOCCAM is a tool for our agents that protects the buyers from spoofed emails and because it can be used anytime from anywhere at several title companies, it is a no brainer for our organization,” said Ginger Gill, Manager of Ebby Halliday Preston Center.

ZOCCAM will be co-hosting a Reception for Realtors immediately following the TAR Conference Welcome Reception onWednesday, September 7, 2016. Download ZOCCAM for entry.

ZOCCAM’s patent pending platform enables Realtors and buyers to use its mobile application to deliver the contract to the settlement service provider, affect the deposit and open the order creating a more secure, streamlined, transparent transaction. ZOCCAM earnest money to Allegiance Title, Bridge Title, Independence Title, Miller Title, North American Title Company, Providence Title, Republic Title, Reunion Title and Texas Premier Title. For more information about, visit www.ZOCCAM.com, and join us at fb.com/ZOCCAMRE and twitter.com/ZOCCAMRE.

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