North American Title Co. Enrolls with ZOCCAM in Texas to Offer Electronic Delivery of Checks via Smartphone App

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) August 11, 2016

North American Title Co. (NATC) has enrolled with ZOCCAM® to offer licensed real estate agents across Texas the ability to deliver earnest money through secure, electronic third-party delivery via ZOCCAM’s smartphone app. Agents can save time and money by sending earnest money directly to NATC, day or night, seven days a week.

“When we looked at services that would provide a value-add for our agent customers as well as for our North American Title staff, this one immediately stood out,” said Claudia Schubert, NATC Texas sales and marketing director.

“We can imagine an agent sitting at a kitchen table with a family who just received the approval on their offer for their dream home,” added Schubert. “That agent will email the signed contract over to the title company to get the process started to close on the home. But now, he or she won’t have to drive to the NATC office with the earnest money check. Instead, she can pull out a smartphone, pull up the ZOCCAM app, take a picture of the front and back of the check and have it arrive at our office immediately.”

ZOCCAM, a Dallas-based company, employs the latest secure remote deposit capture technology to send the earnest money check to the title company. Upon receipt, email notifications are sent to the involved parties, acknowledging the money has been deposited to the designated title company.

“The process will save agents time as well as our associates, who instead may have had to drive to the agent’s office to pick up the check,” Schubert said. “This past winter, we had an ice storm in Dallas. The agents had to get out on the road to deposit earnest money. This technology can be a great help in those situations. We feel strongly that this technology is a win-win-win for agents, home buyers and sellers, and North American Title.”

ZOCCAM’s patent-pending process streamlines the handling of earnest money checks via its smartphone app using Jack Henry & Associates Inc. to securely process checks.

“We have revolutionized the way real estate transactions are conducted,” said Ashley Cook, CEO and founder of ZOCCAM. “Security is paramount in a real estate transaction. ZOCCAM securely sends earnest money without the risk associated with wiring funds or hand-delivering checks. Instead of driving checks to the title company, the agent can spend more time putting deals together. Not only does it minimize their liability, it gives them more time, which is something you cannot buy.”

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