New technology securely sends earnest money to title companies

ZOCCAM, a mobile application safely and securely sending earnest money to title companies using Mobile Remote Deposit Capture, recently debuted at the Texas Realtors conference. The new technology allows Realtors to send earnest money anytime and anywhere, while eliminating costly downtime associated with the manual delivery of funds, according to the company’s announcement.

ZOCCAM’s technology, consistent with federal regulations, eliminates liability associated with title company personnel affecting deposits, provides complete transparency and saves all parties time. The paperless transaction securely is processed by ZOCCAM’s partner, Jack Henry & Associates Inc. Upon receipt of the funds, email notifications are sent to the involved parties confirming the money has been delivered to the designated title company.

ZOCCAM was founded by Ashley Cook, a real estate attorney who has spent her career representing title insurance companies and real estate brokers. The Dallas-based company is expanding to the national market. 

“We are giving real estate agents their time back, and time is something you cannot buy,” said Cook, who also is CEO. “There is no longer a need to drive across town with an earnest money check in the middle of rush hour traffic. Agents that ZOCCAM earnest money have the advantage of time and transparency. With ZOCCAM, both agents and buyers can be confident their funds have been securely deposited.”

ZOCCAM is as beneficial to the title companies who are faced with increased scrutiny stemming from recent federal regulatory changes, the statement said.

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