ZOCCAM Smartphone App Streamlines Title Transactions For Licensed Agents

Let’s say you’re in hot pursuit of a home that has multiple offers and you want to get your earnest money in and get the home locked down quick. It’s a total pain in the posterior for some agents when they have to race across town to the title company to get that check in the right hands. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just deposit the check using the camera on your smartphone? I mean, you’re carrying it around everywhere anyway. You can’t live without that thing!

Well, ZOCCAM will change all that. The new smartphone app, which just went live in Texas today, will allow licensed agents to send earnest money with ease, and without having to drive anywhere. The app, which uses Jack Henry & Associates to securely process checks, is available to licensed Texas real estate agents for $9.99 a month or for $100 a year.

“We are revolutionizing the way real estate transactions are conducted,” said Ashley Cook, a Dallas real estate attorney and founder of ZOCCAM. “We are improving the agent’s ability to attract and service clients by enabling faster sales cycles. Instead of driving checks to the title company, the agent can spend more time putting deals together. Not only does it minimize their liability, it gives them more time which is something you cannot buy.”

Yes, this is like BUYING YOU TIME! Who wants to spend more time in the car when they could just use their smartphone to get things done? Really, who doesn’t like that? This thing is going to be huuuuuge! Jump for more!

So, how exactly does it work?

ZOCCAM is launching with two features: ZoccaPay and ZocTalk. Through its ZoccaPay feature, the mobile app is the first in the industry to allow electronic, third-party delivery of earnest money directly into the title company escrow account. The remote deposit technology is the same technology used by banks to allow their customers to deposit money into their personal accounts.

ZoccaPay enables the real estate agent to capture the check with their smartphone or tablet and specify the title company recipient. ZoccaPay utilizes the latest secure remote deposit capture technology to send the earnest money check to the title company. Upon receipt, notifications are sent via email to the parties that the money has been deposited to the designated title company.

In addition to its industry-first check deposit functionality, the app leverages its network of subscribers through its ZocTalk feature, where members engage to share geographical and ZIP code-searchable listings, pricing updates and other property insights about listings and buyers. Members have the ability to opt in to receive notifications when a listing is added or updated within their desired, specified ZIP code areas.

“ZOCCAM’s two initial features are excellent. I no longer have to drive to a title company to deliver earnest money, and with ZocTalk I can find properties that I would otherwise not know about,” said Pam Dyer, a Dallas real estate agent with Allie Beth Allman & Associates, and one of ZOCCAM’s early adopters.

“Throughout my career, I’ve worked with agents and have come to understand their challenges, liabilities and successes,” said Cook. “I recognized a need to link agents together more efficiently, and a need to be able to accomplish more each day. With the advent of online real estate sites, many agents were losing their competitive advantage, and ZOCCAM gives that back to them.”

The first title companies to sign on to process transactions with ZOCCAM include Texas-based Allegiance Title Company,Capital Title of Texas, Providence Title Company, Republic Title Company of Texas,Reunion Titleand Texas Premier Title, with plans to expand nationally next year.

So Realtors: does this sound like a service you’d use?

by Joanna England

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