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Removing Location Barriers Between Title Company & Customer 

“One of the best things ZOCCAM does is take the security risks out of the transaction eliminating potential fraud for the Buyer, Seller, Real Estate Agent, Title Company, and Lender.”

Prevents Cyber Fraud

Ensures secure payment processing by eliminating the need for wiring instructions.

Consumer Empowerment and Transparency Savings

All parties receive confirmation of delivery when the contract and earnest money deposit putting the Buyers in the front seat of the transaction.

Brand Awareness

Your logo is prominently displayed in the platform, email notifications and the ZOCCAM website.

Increased Productivity

Integration with Title Processing system by delivering contract, watermark copy of check and notification along with opening the order in system.

Decreased Liability

Protects consumer’s NPI by taking out manual deposits from your escrow process while protecting you from possible security breaches due to mishandling of checks.

Cost Savings

Eliminates costs associated with wire transfers and courier fees.

Removing Location Barriers Between The Title Company And The Customer

ZOCCAM Combines the Aged Old Process of Check and Contract Delivery,
Receipt Notification, Order Entry and Check Deposit into One Simple Step
For a Service That Is “Always On, Easy To Use”

ZOCCAM is Now Integrated with RamQuest
to Make the Closing Process Safer, Better and Faster.

By Integrating the Platforms, Earnest Money is Deposited, the Contract is Delivered and the Order is Opened. The Result: Increased Transparency, Efficiency and Security.
The Unified Platform Positively Impacts the Realtors, Consumer and Title Company.

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Sending Earnest Money Made Easy

Take the Security Risks
Out Your Transactions. 

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